Introducing Eight new city teams

Play League of Legends in a Movie Theatre

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Play Minecraft in a Movie Theatre

Test Your skills, make new friends,
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Join your city team

Let the rivalry begin. Check out the 13 teams that make up Super League.

Represent your city
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• Two ways to play •

• Level 30 players, choose role at signup

• Compete each week against other cities

• Help your city be crowned champion

City Champs events

• All skill levels and roles welcome

• Come for a day or join for a whole season

• Play with your friends or make new ones

City Rec events

The youth sports experience for gamers is here

Be part of a community of gamers who compete and socialize while developing
team-building and strategy skills - all played out on the big movie screen!

Who can play?

Anyone 17 and younger – you just need a laptop and a ride to the theatre.

How does it work?

Check out this video
and find out.

Where can I play?

At your local movie theatre -
or invade from the internet!

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• All champions unlocked

• More than 100 skins unlocked

• Earn bonus IP and XP

New Heroes

New heroes have arrived and are ready for you to play!


Battle other teams and experience Super League’s unique game modes.

The community
begins with you

Making new friends has never been this fun or easy.
New connections and new challenges await with every game.

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Connect with other players, post your triumphs and be part of one of the fastest growing gaming communities.

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