General Questions
What is City Champs?
How does City Champs work?
What are the prizes?
What do I need to participate?
What are the computer requirements?
Is City Champs for professional players?
How do I report a player for inappropriate behavior?
How does inappropriate behavior in online qualifier games affect my results?
What are City Clubs?
Who owns the City Clubs?
What happens if there isn’t a City Club in my area?
How do I get a refund?
Online Qualifiers
What are the Online Qualifiers?
What are the online qualifier dates?
How do I play qualifier games?
Where do I put in my tournament code?
Do I have to play every day? Why should I play more than 6 games per role?
Why can't I leave a lobby/match? How do I leave a lobby/match?
Can my friend fill in for this game? Can I invite my friends to these games?
Qualifiers already began but my friend wants to participate. Can they sign up?
Does it matter what role I choose? Why can I play multiple roles?
What are reinforcements?
Why is my queue taking so long to fill?
Is there autofill?
Can I duo queue/queue with friends?
We need to kick a player and/or disband a match. What do we do?
Account Questions
How do I join a team?
Can I change my summoner name?
What if I already changed my name after purchasing a ticket?
Why can’t I edit my summoner name or club affiliation on SLG.com?
Can I play on a different League of Legends account than the one I signed up with?
I don’t have enough champions to play. Why is the client telling me I must own 20 champions?
Tournament Format
How does the season work?
What are Tiers?
What if I don’t make the theatre team?
What are reinforcements?
What are Challenge matches?
How many cities compete in City Champs: League of Legends?